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skinny bitches' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
skinny bitches

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Hi [27 Feb 2007|04:56pm]

Well, I hope I can be accepted here because I think I might be naturally thin...

I'm 17. I started bingeing and starving when I was 14. There was a lot more bingeing than starving. I never kept track of calories, but I must have been eating 3,000 or 4,000 cals a day when the bingeing was at its worst. I wasn't exercising, either. Yet I never weighed more than about 135, at 5'7". (Yes, that's huge, and I felt huge, but it's nowhere near overweight for 5'7".)

Last autumn I stopped bingeing and starving and started to eat a more healthy diet. My appetite went down as well. I'm now 113 pounds, two dress sizes smaller, and I'm still losing weight... and it doesn't seem to make a difference how much I eat. I eat enough to be satisfied. I don't pig out, but I don't restrict either. I'm getting hassled by my mum about being "too thin", but I like the way my body is now. The only nuisance is that none of my clothes fit any more!

I'd ideally weigh 95-100 pounds, but I'm so, so much happier at this size than I was before... being thin rocks. :)
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[16 Mar 2005|01:52am]

how bad is it that i wanna gain weight so i can buy clothes that fit me? :/
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[16 Mar 2005|01:43am]

sometimes, i love natural thinness... like after eating chinese food and knowing i'm not going to gain weight like crazy. (=
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[23 Feb 2005|11:24pm]

my mom thinks i have an eating disorder.

i'm sorry i eat 3 meals a day and stay thin. my bad.
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[25 Dec 2004|12:05am]

Merry christmas girls, stay strong and feel good :-) hope you have a lovely day

<3 kayla

(posted in a couple of communities)
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winter coats [25 Oct 2004|11:09pm]

I am in the market for a RIDICULOUSLY warm winter coat. (another thing about being small - ALWAYS COLD!) the problem is, not only are hip lookin coats usually not very warm, every jacket I try on looks like a tent on me. any tips on where to shop for tiny and warm winter coats? (not the REI-looking ones... more like a pea coat or something neat looking.)
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i eat..too much? [05 Oct 2004|11:17pm]

[ mood | fat ]

i just wrote this in my journal, and thought it'd be funnily appropriate here...

holy god i am so fat.

so, here's the story:

me and carri decided that we miss dressing up for dances a whole lot, and our old high school's homecoming is this weekend. so, in spirit, we were going to dig out our old prom dresses, get glamoured up and go out to a fancy schmancy dinner.

well, i put on my junior prom dress, and it's all great but it's nothing like my senior prom dress. so i put that on. and...i can't zip it. but i have to because i LOVE IT and I WANT TO WEAR IT THIS SATURDAY. but with all my might, the zipper won't budge. so i take it off, and put on a long line. and i try again. the zipper comes up just a tad bit more than originally and i start crying. ..so i suck it up and suck it in with all my might, force the hook and eye together and zip it despite it's adversion to closing. and oh god, it hurts so bad. i stumble to the mirror and look at my horribly squished body and start crying again. one, because i'm terribly fat, and two because the boning is pushing out of the dress and sticking into my boob and it hurts soooo bad.

worst part is, i can't unzip it. oh god, my tit is bleeding and i can't get the fucker off.

tonight is horrible. that's the final straw. i'm becoming anorexic.

this whole story is only funny when you know that i only weigh ***. (three *'s?! that means she broke 100?! what the fuck?!)

this is the first year my entire life i have ever weighed more than 100 lbs. i've been steadily 92-96 for as long as i can remember. i don't know what happened. nothing in any of my habits changed. i seriously can't believe this. i don't think i look horrible. i'm still unaveragely skinny. it's just...

i don't feel like myself.

eat something.

[16 Sep 2004|01:08am]

Lisa Fonssafrives-Penn. She had a natural 17 inch waist. Sans corset
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[12 Sep 2004|06:19pm]

hey my names shellie i'm 15 years old, 5'5 and 93 pounds... i joined this community because i'm super skinny like everyone else and its nice to read that other people are going through the same crap as i am, with getting picked on for being small and things... every year my school nurse calls my mom asking her about my eating habits and i just don't get it, i am underweight yet i eat more than anyone i know. =[ oh well ♥
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[26 Aug 2004|01:36am]

Join _hottasfuck_
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[25 Jul 2004|11:59pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

hi, i'm whitney. I'm about 5'5'' 100lbs, and everyone's always yelling at me to eat even when i eat more than they do on a regular basis. I saw this community and it made me smile, so here i am. I freak out when i find size 0/00 pants, or when i find XXS shirts and dresses (victoria secret is great for that). I wear toddler t-shirts, bikinis made anywhere from toddlers-8 year olds (even though i did find some that WEREN'T in the kids' section...little whitney is growing up:)) and shorts made for 8 year olds. I loathe going shopping because it's so frustrating to find clothes that fit. a picture not properly depicting my boniness but oh well:
on the boatCollapse )

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[19 Jul 2004|01:38pm]

adkfasdvpod;;;;Collapse )
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yes, i eat more then enuff ; - ) [12 Jul 2004|07:22pm]

Pictures of me today
after eating 3 bags of fried rice,

I'm a pig

more @ sickly_
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New to the Community. [08 Jul 2004|12:02am]
[ mood | cold ]

I'm 5'7ish.. and 98 pounds. I'm new and I never liked being this skinny as a kid, but I really love it now.

Sorry the quality of pictures is bad and shit. :/

my skinny assCollapse )

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[03 Jul 2004|03:58am]

Awesome community. :) I'm 5'9" and 10X (third number varies) pounds. I eat masses of pizzas and suggary crap and sleep more than I'm awake, and when I'm awake I do nothing. I have much more trouble finding pants long enough than I do thin enough. My hips aren't exceptionally small, just a regular 0-2. But my legs are pretty unattractively wimpy and shapeless. Finding shirts small enough is nearly impossible. Bra bands are always gigantic... I cut up and sew up most to fit properly... extra small tops are always extra baggy. My chest is freakishly similar to a boy's and my wrists and hands look like that of a dead person's. My cheeks are sunken and dark which has awarded me comparisons to Lincolin and other unattractive, lanky men. I feel like a bit of an asshole for admitting so openly how naturally thin I am, but I suppose the real assholes are the idiots who refuse to believe in the possibility of the naturally thin girl. :)
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how to be thin: a shopping list [25 Jun 2004|05:32pm]

1 pint ben and jerry's vanilla ice cream
1 pint ben and jerry's vanilla heath bar ice cream
2 quarts fresh squeezed tangerine juice
1 frozen cheese pizza
1 frozen cheese/tomato/basil foccacia
6 smores candy bars
1 coffee crisp bar (it's an english candy)

as long as you don't consume them all in one sitting, obv.
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[21 Jun 2004|06:54am]

and for another thin-related entry;
though forever 21's pants aren't exactly thin-friendly, i find their dress pants give that perfect 'slung off the hips' look. the material isn't what i'd call ideal, but it's satisfactory and is logical for the price you pay.
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Newbie! [21 Jun 2004|01:42am]

I am putting up my picture journal and I found this community in an interests search

I'm 5'10" and 110 lbs, completely 100% naturally. I &hearts being thin!
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[21 Jun 2004|06:50am]

i finally fixed up the layout a little bit. it's nothing fancy but looks a lot better. if anyone wants to make a nice layout for the community or anything, just contact me.
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[02 Jun 2004|12:11pm]

i'm 5'9 and 112. may i join?!
my tummy hurts when i eat too much, but if i wanted to i could eat 5 banana splits a day and remain the same weight.
shhhh syke.
and hello.
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Hi, I'm Anna. I'm new. this is my 1st visual post [31 May 2004|04:51pm]

Summer starts tomorow
I'm so fucking excited
hope u dont mind some pix

I eat like a cow, i swear
buuut ppl think im anorexic.. Collapse )

Alot more @ my pic journal, sickly_
comment if u wanna be added to it
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New Here [17 Feb 2004|12:07pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey All

I just joined here. I'm Danielle, I'm 19 years old, Im 5'9" and about 117 pounds. I wear a size 1 or 0 in jeans and I'm constantly told that I am "too skinny". I'm a naturally thin person, I got this gift from my father who is 6'2" and 155 pounds. Both of us can just eat whatever we want and never gain much weight, and I love it. Thanks dad! haha

I'm sick and tired of fat people complaining and trying to put down skinny folks because they are jealous. Its immature all the way and its just fucking stupid. Thin pride woot! :)

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the fuck? [07 Feb 2004|02:57pm]

so apparently carnie wilson weighed 110 lbs. in the third grade. i have never weighed that much in my entire life.
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[04 Feb 2004|11:27pm]

i decided that this community needs more things that are actually of help towards the underweight population. as we all know, one of the hardest things to find when you're thin is pants that fit just right. as an, um, experienced consumer i have a fair share of knowledge when it comes to the sizing of pants. not everything i write will apply to everyone, obviously, so if anyone has anything to add, please leave a comment.

first, as a basic rule of thumb with buying pants, i tend to only buy brands that are labeled by waist size and not the normal 0,2,6,8+ sizes as they usually tend to be smaller. coincidently, those are also the brands that tend to be more expensive, but a decent amount of searching at discount stores, thrift stores, and ebay will almost always result in a good find.

and onto the list:
diesel - sizes run fairly big, but some cuts are slimmer than others, but generally nothing over a 26 will fit any of us. a 25 tends to be a looser fit on me, so i reccomend a 23-24.
miss sixty - the ideal jean brand for the thin AND tall. these are always made very slim and very long. very true to labeled size, but might be too long for those of you who aren't very tall or have short legs.
earl jeans - also very thin-friendly. sometimes too thin-friendly even, a 26 is a little baggy, while a 24 can be too small. the cigarette cut pants are a godsend for the underweight.
helmut lang - sizes don't run very big, but are usually bigger than labeled.
seven - normal sizes.
paper cloth & denim - pretty small. but probably the most expensive on here.
marc by marc jacobs - usually pretty true to size-big.
levis - big and not very thin-friendly. smaller sizes are impossible to find usually, in my experience anyway.

we all know how gap, express, and old navy jeans fit, so don't bother with those.
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[04 Feb 2004|08:49pm]
i'm going to start my own community i'll post the name so you all should join that too
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[04 Feb 2004|08:45pm]
i think we should have some weight guidelines and stuff because i'm noticing that some people in this community shouldn't really be in it.

does anyone what to help me weed it out?
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dude. [03 Feb 2004|10:58pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

when I grow up, im probably going to be fat.
even thought right now I weight 115 pounds and im 5'8
-the end <3

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[03 Feb 2004|01:41pm]
someone needs to get this going and i'm going to be that person
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[29 Jan 2004|12:59pm]

[ mood | amused ]

an entry made by coverhitman that i thought i'd share..

"The biggest, fattest, gayest thing in the world next to Rosie O'Donnel is "SIZE ACCEPTENCE". Ya know why America has the most obese population? It's not all the bad foods we're exposed too or the laziness. Other countries have that too. What sets us apart is that every fat fucking idiot is suddenly trying to be cool and saying, "Yea, I'm fat but I accept it." This is every cockasaurus who gets made fun of because they're fat but still doesn't do anything about it so they just get worn into apathy about it.

"We have beautiful curves!" Not when they're on your chin!

I wish people would make fun of fat people more just so that social unacceptability will either cause them to put the fork down or to stick it in their wrist. "

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THINisIN [26 Jan 2004|01:27am]

i want to do a survey. i am the skiniest boy known by myself, my friends, and various acquantinces. i weigh 97 and measure 5'7". is there any guys here that can beat or at least come close to that? i need more 'wussy too thin girly' guy friends.

andrew df
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The world's coolest people aren't fat, but skinny. Just look at Snoop dogg, with his juice and ginny [25 Jan 2004|06:47pm]

[ mood | Small ]

Hello, all. My girlfriend just joined and got me into this community. We're both skinny and proud. I am six feet and somewhere around 66.6 Kg (145 pounds) of skin and bone. It will be nice to take the evil fatty down.

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please excuse my excessive usage of the exclamation point. it's just such a skinny character. [25 Jan 2004|03:59pm]

[ mood | skinny ]

i'm new!

i just added "being underweight" to my list of interests, and found this community. I AM IN LOVE!

i'm about 5'5'', and have only weighed more than 100 pounds once in my life (when i was trying, really, really hard to gain weight). glad to say i'm back to about 95 pounds and loving it!

so, hi!


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yeah, right. [03 Jan 2004|05:24pm]

star magazine's current cover story. what do you think?
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[02 Jan 2004|11:13pm]

5'10 and 120 pounds. I have been skinny my entire life. Thanks, metabolism. Of course I love it, but I got really sick of people accusing me of being anorexic in middle school.
I think the first post in this community made a lot of really good points about how the general obesity of America is making things suck for everyone else, especially skinny people. I think it's really noticable in the general size of clothes. Size small Hanes t-shirts I inherit from my parents (the shirts are about 20 years old) are the only kind that fit right because t-shirts made today seem to be about twice as big, even though they're size small Hanes too. It also sucks that the only pants I can find that will fit me are Levi's because they still make special long-length jeans. Everything else seems to be made for someone that is shaped like a barrel.

People bitching about being victims of a "skinny" culture have no grounds to complain; you can't blame anyone for being fat. It wouldn't kill you to go running a few times a week and stop eating McDonalds every day.
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some pictures! [17 Dec 2003|12:19am]

click!Collapse )
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[14 Dec 2003|09:07pm]
I hate it when fat people stare at me because I'm oh so pretty. Or it could be I'm asian and in the dirrty south. I hate how I can't find good pairs of pants, and I hate how I don't see any 'Skinny and Short' stores.
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[20 Nov 2003|03:37pm]

Say, anyone know the fastest way to lose about 15 pounds?
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[06 Nov 2003|12:50pm]

[ mood | tired ]


i just subjected myself to fatboynudes. it was not pleasant. honestly, why?

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fucking sweet! [05 Nov 2003|03:44am]

i just found out that edie sedgwick was the same height and weight as me. that's fucking right.
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[04 Nov 2003|04:06pm]

I'm at one-hundred & five today
eat something.

speaking of thin. [30 Oct 2003|10:02pm]

three words:
stella fucking tennant.

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first post [27 Oct 2003|11:15pm]

wow im not fat! hahahahah
eat something.

[25 Oct 2003|01:50pm]

Hm. So I might beat mr. whathappened for the least skinny mofo here, but I've put up with enough "Can I force-feed you?" to have earned a place here. I got cottage-cheese legs and countable ribs. The worst of both worlds.
eat something.

[25 Oct 2003|01:25am]

[ mood | large and in charge ]

I bet you i'm the biggest, fattest one in this community but thats ok because I love myself.

~Spero L. 1.8m/70kg

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[21 Oct 2003|11:05pm]

As a rather wordy wasp-waisted reader, I submit some synonyms in a luculent list:
attenuated, bean pole, beanstalk, bony, dainty, delicate, diaphanous, ectomorphic, emaciated, famished, featherweight, fine, flimsy, fragile, frail, gangling, gangly, gaunt, immaterial, lank, lanky, lean, lightweight, macilent, meager, narrow, peaked, pinched, pole, puny, rangy, rarefied, rawboned, reedy, rhizoid, rickety, scarious, scraggy, scrawny, skeletal, skinny, slender, slight, slim, slinky, small, spare, sparse, spindly, stalky, starved, stick, stilt, subtle, thin, threadlike, twiggish, twiggy, twiglike, undernourished, underweight, vimineous, wan.
eat something.

[21 Oct 2003|09:24pm]

down with fatty.
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somebody needs to get this party started. [21 Oct 2003|10:19pm]

ibrokeup and i started this community because we're sick and tired of the way fat people control just about every aspect of society and yet still complain that the world is against them. because of them, 99% of the clothes manufactured are insanely huge and sizes keep getting bigger and bigger. because of them, we have to pay more money at restaurants for portions of food so huge it takes us at least three meals to finish it all. because of them, food manufacturers keep coming out with new types of super-disgusting binge food--blueberry flavoured french fries, anyone? because of them, it's getting harder and harder for us to find cute girlfriends and boyfriends, since everyone these days is fucking fat.

and are they happy with their domination of western culture? no, of course not. even as the wave of flab spreads farther and farther east into japan and china, fat people continually bitch about how they are "victims of thin culture." oh, whatever. while i was googling for online clothing stores that specialise in small sizes, all i could find was rant after rant by disgruntled tubbies claiming that the "skinny models" of the world make their lives unlivable.

so, skinny bitches, this community is here to fill the gap left by the obnoxiousness of "fat pride" sites on the one hand and pro-eating disorder sites on the other. we're here, we're thin, our metabolisms are naturally fast, so get used to it.

(and if you do know of any sites that cater to stylish young waifs like ourselves, for christ's sake let us know. finding pants is impossible.)
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