Alice (memakushoujo) wrote in ieatenough,


Well, I hope I can be accepted here because I think I might be naturally thin...

I'm 17. I started bingeing and starving when I was 14. There was a lot more bingeing than starving. I never kept track of calories, but I must have been eating 3,000 or 4,000 cals a day when the bingeing was at its worst. I wasn't exercising, either. Yet I never weighed more than about 135, at 5'7". (Yes, that's huge, and I felt huge, but it's nowhere near overweight for 5'7".)

Last autumn I stopped bingeing and starving and started to eat a more healthy diet. My appetite went down as well. I'm now 113 pounds, two dress sizes smaller, and I'm still losing weight... and it doesn't seem to make a difference how much I eat. I eat enough to be satisfied. I don't pig out, but I don't restrict either. I'm getting hassled by my mum about being "too thin", but I like the way my body is now. The only nuisance is that none of my clothes fit any more!

I'd ideally weigh 95-100 pounds, but I'm so, so much happier at this size than I was before... being thin rocks. :)
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