Caitlin (nordeme) wrote in ieatenough,

5'10 and 120 pounds. I have been skinny my entire life. Thanks, metabolism. Of course I love it, but I got really sick of people accusing me of being anorexic in middle school.
I think the first post in this community made a lot of really good points about how the general obesity of America is making things suck for everyone else, especially skinny people. I think it's really noticable in the general size of clothes. Size small Hanes t-shirts I inherit from my parents (the shirts are about 20 years old) are the only kind that fit right because t-shirts made today seem to be about twice as big, even though they're size small Hanes too. It also sucks that the only pants I can find that will fit me are Levi's because they still make special long-length jeans. Everything else seems to be made for someone that is shaped like a barrel.

People bitching about being victims of a "skinny" culture have no grounds to complain; you can't blame anyone for being fat. It wouldn't kill you to go running a few times a week and stop eating McDonalds every day.
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