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an entry made by coverhitman that i thought i'd share..

"The biggest, fattest, gayest thing in the world next to Rosie O'Donnel is "SIZE ACCEPTENCE". Ya know why America has the most obese population? It's not all the bad foods we're exposed too or the laziness. Other countries have that too. What sets us apart is that every fat fucking idiot is suddenly trying to be cool and saying, "Yea, I'm fat but I accept it." This is every cockasaurus who gets made fun of because they're fat but still doesn't do anything about it so they just get worn into apathy about it.

"We have beautiful curves!" Not when they're on your chin!

I wish people would make fun of fat people more just so that social unacceptability will either cause them to put the fork down or to stick it in their wrist. "
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