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New Here

Hey All

I just joined here. I'm Danielle, I'm 19 years old, Im 5'9" and about 117 pounds. I wear a size 1 or 0 in jeans and I'm constantly told that I am "too skinny". I'm a naturally thin person, I got this gift from my father who is 6'2" and 155 pounds. Both of us can just eat whatever we want and never gain much weight, and I love it. Thanks dad! haha

I'm sick and tired of fat people complaining and trying to put down skinny folks because they are jealous. Its immature all the way and its just fucking stupid. Thin pride woot! :)
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hey. congrats on being a skinny bitch! <3

i totally agree on the last statement. they need to just stuff food in their mouths and be quiet.

or rather, put down the fork before they put down us!
I couldnt agree more. and they need to stop looking for pity comments from us when they say "im so fat boo hoo!". It's like "you you are fucking fat! dont fucking whine about it"

Thanks for the welcome :)